Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My little Army Men!

They were looking so cute with their matching pants I had to take some pictures! They are certainly two of my favorite men...J being the other one, for those who may wonder. Today has been a day to recover from the start of school. It is the first time the kids have gotten to watch tv, which I am totally ok with! Tomorrow starts Awana Clubs and GG moves up to Sparks, so exciting! We have started a new form of discipline with the children. They get a warning unless it is physical bad behavior, which doesn't happen often. If they don't listen and do what was requested they go to bed 15 minutes earlier. I figure they must be tired if they are having a hard time obeying. Last night they each went to bed 30 minutes early and we had to wake them up this morning at 7:45 so I think I was right about them needing the sleep. They have done pretty good today listening and behaving! I also want to say we don't focus on just the negative we also encourage and praise them too. They really are good kids, at least I think so.

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