Friday, October 20, 2006

Apple Day

Today was Apple Day at school for Monkey's class. I, of course, helped in the room with my main squeeze Red! We had a lot of fun playing games and doing crafts with the kids. One of the mom's cut both of her thumbs on the apple slicer. I felt so bad because I had bought the teacher the apple slicer because last year I had to use a huge knife and cutting board and I thought I was going to hurt myself. The lady has a store bought slicer and it isn't as sharp as the Pampered Chef one. She tried to pushed the apple through and hurt have to pull the apple out. Here are some of the pictures taken. ENJOY :)

On a J note: He is feeling better today because while I was at school he swept and mopped the kitchen. I am having a Candle Party tonight and he knew I was going to come home and clean. He was helping me out by trying to get as much cleaning done as he could. I had to resist my urge not to be mad at him for not resting because he did it out of love for me. He is a great hubby.

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