Sunday, October 08, 2006


Today after church we went over to my dad's house to see my aunt Judy, who is in from Cal., it is always fun to see her and of course my dad, step mom and Becky. It was a really good visit she was telling me about the journal that my grandma had kept. They passed away two summers ago. Very hard summer, my grandma was sick and getting worse by the day but my grandpa was as healthy as could be, he died 12 days after my grandma and I truly believe it was from a broken heart. Anyways my grandma's journal spanned 30 years of her life, what dedication. Judy said it was really cool to see the emotion of my grandma with each of her children being born and the love she had for my grandpa. She told us about love letters that they also found from my grandpa to my grandma. They got married their Senior year of High School in January and started a family. My aunt is the 5th child and my grandma was 23 when she was born. I was 23 when Monkey, my second, was born. They were married for 51 years (I believe, it was at least 50 because there was a party!)and had 7 children and 26 grandchildren it was always a huge family gathering everytime we got together. Just listening to my aunt talk about what my grandma wrote in her journal made me think that I really need to be more faithful in my writings on this blog. Sure it is online but it is still my thoughts and memories of our days together. One of these days I am going to start printing out the entries and make a book. Maybe one day my kids will read it while I am still alive but if not for sure when I am gone. I truly cherish every moment I have with my kids and family:)

In other news: We got the BIG dent out of the back of the van. Roberta had backed into something about a year after they bought the van and never got it fixed. So many people have pointed out the dent, so annoying. Actually yesterday as my friend and I were driving some dude rolled down his window to let me know that he did body work. Our windows were already down, unfortunately. The best part was that a guy from church had the tool used to fix dents and he did it for us for FREE!!! It isn't completely fixed by any means but it looks so much better.

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