Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The door is always open!

First I want to start by saying that last night was funny because when we got home from Bible study our sitter was sleeping in the chair and when I went to wake her she jumped so high. It was really funny.

This morning J went to the preschool to talk about being a police officer. He did a great job and those kids were so funny. One little kid says, "My parents have a Toyota." For no reason just thought she would share that little piece of information. When he was talking to them about being scared (I don't even know in what context it was in) another kid says, "I'm not scary." Instead of I'm not scared. So funny.

When I went to get the kids I paid the sitter, didn't have it last night. She is a Senior and has half days of school so she came over and had lunch with us. The kids just love her so much. It's nice to know they are in good hands when we are away. Then as J was leaving for work Becky came over and we went out and bought ugly matching shirts for our trip to Disney...long story...but it is tradition. After shopping she hung out awhile and Amy came over and then J came home. It was a full house and I loved it. Amy ate dinner with us and we went shopping again. I really am not a shop-a-holic but it is getting closer to Christmas and the only time I can get J's presents are when he isn't with me. The reason for the title is because I had called J to ask if it was alright that Jess came over for lunch because that is usually the time we spend together as a family before he goes to work. He told me that our door is always open and that there is no need to ask him. My friends that come over while he is at work have been a huge blessing to me and the kids AND Jeff knows it! Now the bed is calling my name but it has 6 loads of folded laundry on it. I'll just put it in the clothes baskets and put them away tomorrow!

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