Monday, October 16, 2006

No computer!

I just realized that I didn't turn the computer on yesterday. I don't think I had a chance with everything that was going on. We went to church came home and literally shoved food in our mouths and went to a gymnastics birthday party. When it was over I called J to see what he was doing and we met at a store so that we could spend some time with him...added bonus he showed me something he wants for Christmas. Now I just have to get back over there and buy it and then his stocking will be full. We are only getting stocking stuffers for each other this year because we are getting a nice camera for our trip to Disney, which will be our present for each other. I do have a feeling that Christmas morning I am going to have other presents under the tree though. He spoils me! Then we came home and Amy came over and we hung out and played some games, well we got to play one game because then Red woke up from his nap. That pretty much summed up what we did yesterday.

Last night Red had a rough night sleeping. I think he might be getting sick like Monkey was because the poor kid could not get comfortable for the life of him. He tossed and turned until 2:30 before he finally completely crashed from exhaustion. I didn't even hear the alarm this morning. J got up and got the kids ready and took them to school. I am going to have to do that Thursday and Friday because J is going to be unable to help me. I can't believe his surgery is in 2 days. I am a little nervous about whether I am going to be able to handle him in that condition. He is going to be so needy and the kids already are that needy. Please pray for me, I'm going to need God's strength to get me through those days. For the rest of the day we really don't have much planned. The kids have gymnastics right after school and homework. I'm hoping to be able to play more games with them.

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