Monday, October 02, 2006

Funny Kid!

Red is just such a funny little kid. J has been working on animal sounds with him and he knows...the snake, monkey, lion, bear (which sounds the same), elephant (real cute because he throws one arm up in the air) the chicken, duck, pig (he snorts), dog, cat, turkey, and the rooster which we have taught him cock-a-doodle doo he says, "Cockle dooo doooo" Super Duper cute! In my last post I was talking about Red and potty training. Well the kids got baths tonight and he was the last one in because I wanted to blow dry GG's hair so he could play in the water, which he loves. As soon as I got done drying her hair is looks at me and starts grabbing at his tummy and then he peed. I said, "Do you need to go potty?" He shacks his head *yes* and then poop came out and into the tub. We picked it up with a wipe and throw it in the toilet and then he sat on the potty trying to go. When he was done we flushed the toilet and as with the other two we say "bye bye poo poo" He said, "bye bye doo doo" He is just his own little person and he is so much fun :)

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