Monday, October 02, 2006

Life is full of adventures!

So the kids and I went to the Apple Orchard on Saturday and after church on Sunday the kids and I went with my dad and step-mom to an Arboretum! They had so much fun. There was a maze and a children's garden that had so much stuff to do that we didn't even get to scratch the surface of exploring it. It is only about 20 minutes from our house, too. I told J that we need to go back there next year when he is off in the fall right before school starts. We left and met J for dinner so that my parents could see him. Then today was GlamorGirl's field trip to Goebbert's Farm. We went on a hayride, corn maze, looked at all the wild and farm animals, and then the kids got to pick out a pumpkin, gourd, and ear of corn. It was great fun. I'm so excited because we are going there again tomorrow with our playgroup. I didn't even realize that was where the field trip was until Saturday and we had already planned the playgroup event! It works out good because I am only taking Red tomorrow and I will get to see what other things they have to offer because we won't be on a school schedule of events like today. I am already thinking it will have to be a family event soon :) J has things planned in the yard for his days off this week so the next set he has we will be checking out a pumpkin farm my friend Amy told me about. There is just way too much fun things to do around here! I love the fall season...

Red note: He went poop in the potty!!! I was so excited he has peed 2 times and now he has gone poop :) He is very excited about going like a big boy that he takes his diaper off and runs to the toilet to sit on it. I am not really training him it is all him...which is the best part.

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