Friday, September 05, 2003

This morning I got up early to get ready for playgroup. GG was a wake too so we ate breakfast together. Then we came up stairs so I could take a shower. As I was getting things ready she had her baby doll and said, "mommy baby is crying I need to nurse her." She sat down and started to nurse her baby and all of a sudden she said, "do you want to switch sides." I never realized that I said that to Monkey and she listened to me say it. She is seriously a mirror of me sometimes. It is a little scary and a lot of funny for the most part. Monkey slept until I was ready to go what a good little boy. Anyway we went to playgroup and had a blast. Then we picked up J's uniform and went home. Got the mail and ate lunch. After lunch I just thought taking a bus ride would be fun. So off to the bus stop we went and we took a ride. When we got back it was time for naps which both the kids took today. After nap we played outside waiting for J to get home. He brought me a present. It was my favorite sent from Bath and Body Works. I just love my hubby so much. We went out to dinner at Rocky's tonight with some friends. Then we headed over to the balloon rally. The kids loved watching all the balloons in the air. Plus, we got to see a lot of people we know. That was fun. I am going to miss that about this town. Tomorrow night is the balloon glow it is going to be so much fun. After the balloon rally, I know the day isn't over yet, we took some candles out to the hospital. Now we are back and getting things ready for bed.

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