Friday, September 12, 2003

This morning I woke up extremely sick feeling! So I called my friend Kristen and she took the kids to playgroup and then to her house afterwards. It was great to be able to sleep for about 2 hours with no interruptions or being sandwiched between to sleeping babies. I did wake up when the door bell rang. It was Hagler with wood samples for me to look at. We are going to finally have a headboard! Since I was awake I went to get the kids. I of course ended up staying and talking to Kristen while the kids played. We came home at 2pm and at 2:15 J walked through the door. Great timing considering I thought he would be home at 3pm. We don't have anything planned this weekend expect for doing last minute moving things. But I am going to go cuddle with J now! Have a nice weekend to everyone.

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