Friday, February 10, 2006

My dad the NUT!

Right now he is in Florida at Disney World with my step-mom and some of his siblings and their spouses. Yeah I know, we are going there in what 8 months. He has called me twice since he has been there. The first time I didn't get the phone so he left a message saying that I needed to call him back because he had something important to tell me. I called him and this is what he said, "Just wanted to let you know we are not going to get the kids anything." Then he called again a few days later to tell me the exact same thing. My dad is a goof like this and what he is really saying is, "Just wanted to tell you know we will be bringing home gifts for the kids. So make a date to come over so we can give them to our grandkids." My dad travels quite frequently either with work or pleasure and this is what he does EVERYTIME! The kids have come to know that when grandpa says he didn't get them anything that they have something waiting for them at his house. He can't resist buying them things when he leaves town actually he can't resist buying them things when he is in town. All they have to say is Grandpa can I have .... fill in the blank with what they want and he gets it. The funny part is that he is always asking us if he is spoiling them or if they know he loves them. I say no to spoiling because they don't ask for stuff all the time usually because he already has something for them! And yes to they know he loves them.

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