Sunday, June 21, 2009

Total Randomness

Today was a first for me and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. First let me tell you what that first is...I dropped off my oldest baby girl at camp for the week. I will not get to talk to her on the phone for a week. I am excited for her to be getting this experience. She is beyond excited about being there, she kept asking when we were going to leave. I am sad that I will not get to see all the cool things she is doing and get to talk to her throughout the week. I am nervous about putting her into someone else's care. Though there was only 7 girls in her cabin with 2 counselors so there was 3 empty beds. I just worry about stupid stuff but not really that know things like ticks, will someone check her head every night? Make sure she brushes her hair and teeth everyday, changes her clothes and especially her underwear? She is growing up but she is still my little girl and she is some what on her own. I am excited for her before there are 6 girls from our church at the camp and 3 counselors from our church too. She knows plenty of people if she gets scared or homesick. 2 of the girls from our church are in her cabin this week and I hope and pray that she becomes better friends with them and that she also makes new friends too. But let me tell you this camp has some of the coolest things for her to do. They have a zipline, a huge swing that 3 people get harnest onto and then pulled up about 100 feet and then let go (the parents where able to ride this swing but by the time we got her registered and stuff we missed it by about 3 people), next year I am so going on it!!! There is also a climbing wall, petting zoo, trails, crafts, a canteen, and swimming. She is going to have a blast and I can't wait to hear all about it. If you want to send her mail email me and I will give you the address. The letters have to get out by Thursday or she won't get them by the time she leaves on Saturday :) I also want to go up and help next year while she is at camp and J is planning on helping the week Monkey goes. I think he might have a harder time being away though he will get to see the camp 2 times before next year, we'll see.

The kids made J cards for Father's Day. I asked them questions about daddy and they answered them. I printed them off and they drew pictures on the paper. He loved it. The other gift was that I cleaned the van while he was in Canada. I took everything out and vacuumed it. It looks nice. He hates a dirty vehicle so this was a great and inexpensive gift I just had to use some electricity to vacuum it!

I have my procedure done in 4 days and I am really kind of calm and at peace with it though we'll see how I am doing on Wednesday. I have already decided that I am taking a sleeping pill that night so that I get sleep!

Oh and today I was sitting in Sunday School and my phone started vibrating. I look and the number said 000 0212 something. I showed J the number and he shrugged his shoulders and then I showed the girl on the other side of me who is a missionary and she said that is was an international number. It finally clicked that it was my mom calling from GERMANY. She had called on Tuesday and my phone didn't even ring and I got her message about 3 hours after she called, weird. Well I didn't get it in time and I was so bummed. When we came home I jumped on the computer was going to update my status but show that my mom left me a instant message. I responded to her and left without updating the status. Well on the way to camp she called and I got to talk to her and my grandma! The kids were excited to get to talk to them too. I put them on speaker phone :) One last thought, last week the kids had one grandpa in Canada, a grandma in Germany, and another grandma 2 states away on a mission trip. If you got to the end of this random post congrats you win...hmmm nothing sorry! But thanks for reading to the end :)


sarahgrace said...

Woah, you have lots going on! But that is nothing new, hee hee. I'll be praying everything goes well with GG at camp and with your procedure on Thurs! Glad you are experiencing some peace about that, may it seep into all the other areas of your life!

mikeanddebbie said...

I hope GG has a great experience at camp!
I hope your procedure goes great--I'll be eager to hear what they find out! I'm sure you are too!!!

Kristin said...

Best of luck with your procedure, brave one! Also, I'll be thinking of you AND Brae this camp week!!!:)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

The camp sounds are super busy.

I'm glad you are at peace about the procedure and I hope they have some answers for you.

BTW, Google is not forwarding custom domains, but my blog has been updated, please head over. and update your subscription:)

Cynthia said...

Good luck with the procedure:) I made it to the end;)

Adina said...

wow, friend!!you are on a blogging roll. i just caught up with your adventures althiough you did update me on the phone today. i,ll be praying for you for peace for thursday.

hestermom said...

I'm a few days late (I don't know how I got so behind on my blog reading!!), but I just wanted to let you know that I read all the way to the end!! =) Glad your procedure went well, and you made it through camp week!! P.S. I don't know if I am allowed to ask you on here what camp she went to? My husband has worked at two Christian Camps, both here in CA, so I am always curious to check other ones out. If not, I can ask ya on Facebook.