Monday, November 22, 2010

Ah love school breaks!

Today was so nice not to have to wake up early. The kids and I are moving along on our puzzle and so far the no electronics is working fabulously. As long as I keep them busy helping or playing they don't get in trouble! We are going to make homemade laundry detergent together at some point this week. I am really excited to actually try it out. But we still have a little of the stuff I bought at the store and that is the bottle I am going to use for the homemade stuff so we wait. Speaking of homemade stuff. Red and Peanut helped me make some homemade dishwasher soap on Nov 18th and right after it was made I started a load of dishes. When they were done they sparkled so clean! I wanted to see how long this stuff will last so that is why I put the date of our first use. I don't always run the dishwasher everyday but this week I have a feeling we are going to be running it A LOT more than normal. Though I'm not sure how long the store bought stuff lasted, there is more in those boxes then what I made so we'll see.

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