Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Program

There are so many different directions this post could go. This was my 5th one and I will have 2 more to attend. The kids put a lot of work into this program and it is quite cute. I just wish the parents weren't so rude. If you want to stand and get a picture of your child go to the back don't stand up right in front of people who are sitting and pleasantly trying to watch the program. I had to kindly tell two different people to sit. Both of them left instead. Ok this is really not the direction I wanted this post to go so changing directions, it just really bugs me. I dropped off all the kids in the classes they needed to go. Peanut was having a Thanksgiving party in her class so she got to go to school, she doesn't normally go on Fridays. I think went to talk to the teachers of my older two kids. I wanted to know if they were planning on taking their classes to see the program or if I should come get Monkey and GG. Both teachers were taking the kids so I just needed to grab Peanut. As I was talking to Monkey's teacher she was telling me about how great of a kid he was. How he is very focused with his work, very smart and friendly to all the kids. I had no plans on talking to her about him but she brought it up. I was so proud of him. He really is a very sweet kid. The kids got their first quarter report cards the other day. Monkey had straight A's. GG had all A's and one B. She was pretty bummed about the B but they both made high honors! We don't talk about grades with all the kids we do it individually. However, they usually tell each other what they got. Monkey didn't rub it in GG's face that he did better than her which is a first for him one two levels. First getting better grades and two not teasing her with it. His grades this quarter were a great confidence boost for him but it didn't go to his head. I am so proud of both of my kids on their grades. Red got a report card too but they don't give our letters it is either O for outstanding S for satisfactory, or I for needs improvement. He had mostly O's and some S+ and a S- for his writing ability he writes really sloppy most of the time. But he is working on it and hopefully next quarter it will be an O :) Well that was all over the place!

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