Monday, November 08, 2010

Around and Around we go

Ugh! I feel like I am getting NOWHERE. The kids and I were rear ended in April of 09. I had back neck pain and sore muscles and Red and GG complained of the same things. We went to the ER to make sure nothing more serious was going on. With everything that was going around that time I pushed it to the back burner and thought I will deal with this later. Well, now is later. I called to make sure all of our medical bills are together and ready to be submitted so that we can close out this claim. I got 3 bills from the ER visit one from the hospital, one from the ER doc and the other from radiology. The kids each had one from the hospital and that was it. I have been trying to make sure that there isn't another bill out in nowhere land for each of the kids for the attending ER doctor. Every person I call tells me to call a different place that tells me to call a different place. It is getting quite annoying. I really want to close out this account and move on from it. I want the claim adjuster to STOP calling me in regards to this accident. I guess more calls are in my future, I will get to the bottom of this. Why is it that the person who gets hit is the one that has the biggest headache in dealing with the aftermath of the accident. The one in the wrong gets off scott free, at least that is the way it feels.

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Kristin said...

So will work out!!:)