Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am very impressed with my kids ability to do such difficult puzzles! I bought a 750 piece this year as last year I ended up doing most of it by myself. This year I would say that their help was much more active in it. I took a picture after each day of working on it.

It only took us 6 days to finish it! I think next year will should get the 1000 piece as they did this faster than I thought and they will be a year older!
Some of the pictures I used a flash and some I didn't.
That is why they look different.


mikeanddebbie said...

Wow! Great puzzle!!!

Amber said...

I think this is a great tradition! The puzzle looks great!

mikeanddebbie said...

Yes, we have a living room tree, too. :) You can see it in my "Togetherness" post a few days ago. Love it!

Kristin said...

AWESOME puzzle work!!