Sunday, November 21, 2010


On Friday I told the kids that over break we were not going to watch television, play computer games, play the wii or use their ds'. I even told the kids that while they were awake I would not go on the computer either. We are starting the no electronics rule Saturday evening as that afternoon they are having some friends over while the parents go out for lunch and I took them to the library Saturday morning (Jeff worked until 3:30am and it was easier to keep the noise down not to be here!) and let them get a movie to watch. I figure that way it will be easier on my sister as she watches them if they are docile while in front of the boob tube. She will have 6 kids ages are 11, almost 10 in Jan, almost 10 in Feb, 8 1/2, 5 and 3. I plan to have Peanut sleeping by the time she gets here so she will really only have 5 kidlets to keep an eye on :) Though I am really excited to bond as a family. Since we didn't take a vacation over this summer I feel as if the kids are just disconnected with each other and really mean to each other. I am going to do some family building type activities that they already know about. I think it will be fun!!! I guess I will let you know after the week is up if we survived. But like I said I will use the computer once they go to bed but I am going to only give myself an hour on it so that I can get enough sleep that I won't be cranky. Also this post was scheduled so that I did not break any of the no computer rules ;) YEAH for family bonding!

Babysitting was bad on Saturday and we are working at getting to the bottom of what really happened.

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