Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kid Update

Well the last few posts have been all about me so I thought I would update on each of the littles that live here!

Peanut: she has been in the phase that I hope ends soon where she cries every time I take her someplace and leave, Sunday school, gymnastics, Puggles or if I just leave the house without her. The night I went with my dad as soon as she heard me telling Jeff what was for dinner she knew I was leaving and was stuck to me like glue until my dad got there and then the water works started. It is the strangest thing because they only last about 10 seconds after I leave...I've waited outside of the doors and listened. Then she tells me about all the fun she had. All that to say it is really wearing on me and I can't wait for her to out grow this phase! Other than that she is doing really good at school and gymnastics. She is learning her abc's and how to do a cartwheel. She just crawled into my lap while she watches television.

Red: His reading has gotten so good! But now he is doing poorly on his writing assignments. His teacher told me that if he keeps handing in sloppy work she is going to give him double so that he can practice to get better at his writing. He had a field trip on Friday and then a Harvest party afterward. I was one of the room moms. I love being there for things like this so that I can see the interactions he has with his classmates! I had 6 kids in my group and they were pretty good for the most part. It was a great field trip.

Monkey: He is my silent, keep it all to myself, person. I have to really work at getting him to talk to me. He seems to be doing good at school. Next weekend he has a birthday party for a friend at church and I am going to take him. Then afterward spend time with just him for a few hours. I hope that will help us reconnect. Other than that he is my boy who always helps me with stuff without being asked or if he doesn't know what to do he will ask what he can do. I love that about him. He is such a good natured kid. I really look forward to hanging out with just him.

GG: She is taking violin lessons at school. We got a really great deal for them...FREE :) She just has to rent a violin for $20 a month. She has lessons twice a week for 40 minutes it is the sweetest deal EVER! Oh and the lessons are during school so I don't even have to take her anywhere or wait longer for her. Another cool thing is that everyone keeps telling me she is a natural at the violin. She taught herself how to play "Happy Birthday" and then played it for me on my birthday. Other than that I am heart broken for her. She got invited to a birthday party for a friend at church. The party is on a Tuesday starting 10 minutes after she gets out of school. It takes us at least 30 minutes to get there and they don't get out of the school for at least 5 minutes after the bell rings. She was so sad she couldn't go, but I just can't figure out how to make it work.


Kristin said...

Great update! Thanks for rescheduling today, sorry it didn't work out. Hope you all had fun!!:)...talking about Olympic!!;)

Joanna Reinhardt-Anderson said...

Love hearing about the kids! My G sounds like a mix of Monkey and Red- mostly Monkey. Little J is going through that phase lately as well- breaks my heart because I wasn't ready to start working anyway. Makes me feel good that Red and G are working on the same things and Peanut and little J are also working on abc's and such. Love you :-)