Sunday, November 28, 2010

Break is over :(

Well I have to say that this week was probably one of the better weeks we have had together as a family in awhile. The no media helped a lot with the kids entertaining themselves and playing together. The kids spent many hours building different lego structures. Just as many hours constructing different designs of dominoes to knock over, they had some really cool designs! Some of them worked and others didn't but they had so much fun trying different objects to make stunts, like a book that rolled a car into the domino to start them off. We played so many card games and board games. Peanut was even getting in on the action. I hope to upload a really cute video of her and Jeff playing Jenga! She also learned how to play Uno though she still needs some help but refuses to take the advice while playing, can we say STUBBORN! I do have to admit that I did let the kids watch a few movies but we watched them all together snuggled on the couch. Before the first movie I told them that if they misbehaved after the movie was over they would not get to watch the second one. Jeff rewarded the kids great report cards with the movie rentals from an actual rental place, instead of the library, where we usually get our movies for free :) As Monday approaches I am sad and excited. Sad that I have to wake up early but excited to have some free time to myself again. I can get so much stuff done while they are not home!!!

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Joanna Reinhardt-Anderson said...

Just reading what you write is refreshing to me. You and J raise your family so well. I am proud to know you, let alone learn from you. I find the true love of family life to be a great example of what I would love to continually aim for in my own life. I am so humbled at how hard you have worked to be where you are. It has been no cake walk- I know that- I love you! God Bless!