Monday, November 29, 2010

Online Shopping

I have never really done the online shopping but for some reason today with the different cyber sales going on I just couldn't resist some of the sale prices with free shipping :) I am also hoping to land myself a new bathing suit for our water park trip in a few weeks. Actually I'm not sure if I wrote about this topic yet. If I have please forgive me for repeating myself. This year Jeff and I decided that we didn't want to spend a ton of money on gifts for the kids and each other. We wanted to use that money to take a family trip to create memories instead of just collecting more stuff. We choose a water park and priced them and found one that would accommodate our biggish family with a full kitchen so that we could bring our food with and not get sick on restaurant food. Anyways, everyone is really excited about this trip. I am most excited about the fact that we are paying for this trip with the cash rewards I have saved from our credit cards! Oh
yeah this is not what I sat down to write...I think I could get used to shopping online. I was able to buy gifts for my nephews and send them right to their house with free shipping. I couldn't have saved with going to the store picking stuff out and then shipping it myself. Totally off the subject but I only have one more day of the national blog posting month! I can't believe I actually did it and most of my posts had some substance to least I think they did ;)

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