Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I sat down today and started planning out our Thanksgiving meal which is in 8 days! I am very pleased with the dishes I have planned to make. It isn't necessarily a traditional Thanksgiving spread but it is good all the same! We are going to have Roast Turkey in Rosemary like we did last year because it was SO yummy. It also made a very tasty leftover turkey soup. As I was sitting listing out everything I needed for Thanksgiving I realized I haven't been doing a real grocery list for our meals during the week. Which leads to a lot of the same meals because I grab what seems to be easy to make. Some of our regulars are Texas chili, veg stir fry, and some sort of chicken meal. As I was sitting there and realizing this I also thought about the fact that the kids were going to be home for a whole 9 days and I better plan those meals or we are going to be making lots more trips to the grocery store than I care to make with 4 children under tow. I am going to shop today as I do that Wednesdays and then I will only have to shop again next Tuesday! Kids always seem to be hungrier when they are at home...

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