Friday, May 28, 2004

Here is the run down of the day! GG wasn't feeling well last night so she stayed home with J today. I actually left them both with him because Monkey was asleep when I left and I just couldn't wake him up. Then when I got home we had lunch and hung out with Melissa and Kiera (they are in for a visit) we played outside on bikes, with bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. Then we packed GG's bag and took her to school to spend the night at grandma and grandpa A's house. We dropped her off and took Monkey to see the movie Shrek 2. It was cute but it was very annoying listening to everyone cracking up about things that weren't really *that* funny. Plus it had a swear word in it. Come on it is a children's movie, seriously. I am glad we didn't take GG and only took Monkey because she would remember things more. Afterwards we took him to McDonalds for dinner. It was weird having just Monkey but he loved all the attention from mommy and daddy :) When we got home we watched some home movies of the kids as babies and toddlers. Then we decided that we should record Monkey outside on his bike and then again when we got inside. We just recorded GG at her ballet recital too! We get so bad at doing those things sometimes but we are going to be happy when they are older and we have the pictures and recording of them even if they are few and far in between! Update on house...we put a bid on a house in the town J works and it was better then the other one but the seller stuck with the first bid he got even though it was lower. So I guess that is God's way of telling us that that wasn't the house for us.

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