Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I didn't look at any houses today but J did. After he got out of court he met with Amber and looked at a house in the town he works it was bad I guess. I don't know anything but what he told me about it but he said it was no good, I trust him. We have plans to look at two more tomorrow so hopefully that will go good. I worked this morning and this afternoon we really didn't do much because it was cold and rainy. Tonight I went grocery shopping with Roberta and she asked me if we are ok living here. Like are we having a hard time living here. I told her no because we really aren't. She said that the other day when we told them we put a bid on a house she looked at the kids and got sad that they might be moving out soon. Her and my dad talked and they said we could stay here for the next 20 years! Thanks but no thanks :) It will be nice to have our own place but we really aren't in a big hurry. So when it happens is really ok. Christine was suppose to drop off some grant stuff but she didn't show up so I will have to give her a call tomorrow to see what happened to her. We finally got to meet Becky's boyfriend tonight so that was fun. Something that happened that I thought was cute. Monkey was sitting on the couch next to me and I was eating an ice cream sandwich. Monkey asked, "What's that?" So I told him it was an ice cream sandwich. He then repeated it and J and I got a kick out of the way he said it. It was cute. GG has been very cuddly lately which I just love. She knows mommy is sad and she comforts me, way too sweet. I love that little girl so much. I love my little Monkey-man too. He is such a flirt! He flirts with all the ladies at work and they think he is just too cute with that little grin of his. He is just like his father...a BIG flirt!!! I love you J :)

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