Sunday, May 16, 2004

This morning we didn't go to church. For one, J had to work tonight and we would of both had to drive there last night, I wasn't able too. Secondly, we both wanted to get a good nights sleep in our own bed. So we just did family things this morning. Then J left for work and the kids and I cleaned Princess' bowl and put away laundry and just did other things around the "apartment". We were both bummed out about the house we put a bid on because they took another couples bid over ours. But if that contact falls through the house is ours. The chances of that happening is slim to none. This house was awesome, have I said that already? It had a family room 22x15, living room 20x12, kitchen 13x12, Dining room 14x11, Master bedroom 14x12 (with two closets) 2nd bedroom 11x10 (also two closets), 3rd bedroom 10x9, 2 full bathrooms and it had a laundry room with a sink and cabinets. On top of that it had a wood burning fireplace, 1 1/2 car garage detached, a gas grill that is hooked up to the gas line in the house, a nice back yard, cement for the kids to ride their bikes on and in a nice neighborhood. So as you can see this house was sweet. No wonder it sold after only being on the market for 2 days, it didn't even have a for sale sign in the yard yet. Ok I am going to stop dwelling on the fact we aren't getting that house. We will have to keep looking and hopefully find something as nice and big! Back to our day...when I went to my meeting my dad took Monkey to the park to play and Becky took GG on a walk to her friend's house. Then after we ate dinner I took both the kids to the park to play, it was so nice out. I forgot to mention this the other day but at work we had a bird come in for the kids. GG got to hold it on her hand. That was really neat and it crawled up her arm to sit on her shoulder. She was pretty excited about that because she was the only one that got to hold it. Well I should go to bed because I am working for a co-worker tomorrow her son has a fever. After my experience on Friday night and people covering for me at work on Saturday I am happy to help someone else out.

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