Monday, October 10, 2005

Before I started updating I asked J what he wanted for dinner. I suggested spaghetti and GG says, "How about cinnamon rolls?" I don't know where that one came from! Today was so much fun. We had a blast shopping today...I haven't laughed that hard in a couple of days. You'd have to know J to know I am always laughing:) That is why I have major laugh lines...hehehe. Anyways, J subbed at school today so the kids eat lunch at school and stayed for the after care portion. They had fun, maybe too much fun! I got home about 2 minutes before the crew came home. GG was so excited about getting a pink card today that was the first thing she did was show me. On the card it said "For knowing the answer to 'what land did Columbus discover?'" so I asked her the question and she beams, "AMERICA!" Well I need to go make dinner I've got a meeting tonight.

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