Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Goofy story of the day: I picked the kids up from school today and I got GG first. As we were leaving Mrs. Lord who has subbed twice for GG's class comes up to me and asks if I have heard about GG's butt wipe story. I said, "no" as I was thinking...Oh great GG went poop at school and had a hard time wiping her butt. Well it had nothing to do with going potty. So she proceeds to tell me this story about how she got out the *wet* wipes for the kids to clean their hands on before snack. As GG got up to get her wipe she says, "butt wipe." Which, of course, shocks the teacher and the conversation between GG and the teacher goes like this...
Teacher: No, I said wet wipe.
GG: You said butt wipe
Teacher: They are wet wipes
GG: But you said butt wipe
Teacher: I never said that
GG: Yes you did, you said butt wipe (because she has to get the words butt wipe in there)
The teacher said she had the whole class believing that she (the teacher) had called them butt wipes. I was laughing so hard at this point. Then she tells me that she told my mother in law about it and Sue was laughing and says, "Yep, that sounds like my granddaughter." So GG, Red and I go get Monkey from preschool and Chris, who's daughter Alina is in GG class, was there and I asked her if Alina told her about the butt wipe thing. Of course, she did, she came home talking about using a butt wipe at school and Chris said "WHAT?!?!" then Alina said GG called them butt wipes. So she explained to Alina why GG called them that, because that is what we use them for at our house...wiping Red's butt!!! Honestly kids are so goofy sometimes.

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