Sunday, October 16, 2005

What a nightmare that J and I went through last night. J came home to the diaper bag in the middle of the garage where his car is suppose to be. Red's door was open in the van and the garage smelled of lighter fluid. Then he looks a little closer and sees that the glove box was open in the van and things are thrown all over the place. He comes in the house to tell me what happened and to find out what was in the van. The kids and I went to my dad's and gas was 10 cents cheaper there so I filled my van up. I had thrown my wallet on the passenger side and when we left my dad's we had three new blanket that I had thrown on top of my wallet. Well they looked under the blankets and had found my wallet and it was gone, along with a can of lighter fluid J uses for grilling. The fluid was in the garage not the van by the way. So we called the police and made a report. I started calling and canceling credit cards and debit cards. Then J called a few places to put my info on alert in case someone tried to use my info it protects against identity theft. I did not sleep well at all last night. Someone had gone in our garage and our van I felt and still feel very violated. Then this morning the phone rang and it was J's work, someone had found my wallet and saw his business card in it and called. So I have my wallet back and absolutely everything in it. Well except for some change totaling about 75 cents. I went around and talked to the neighbors today to let them know what happened and to see if they saw anything. Most of them were completely shocked and most of them said they leave their garage doors unlocked and same with their cars so it really could of happened to anyone of us. My one neighbors leave their keys in the car with the door unlocked well not anymore and they have been doing that for 40 years. I am just grateful for the person who found my wallet and turned it in.

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