Monday, October 24, 2005

Well the weekend is over. J informed me today that he has training on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is good because he will get to be home with us at night. Plus, Thursday starts his days off and on top of that he took Sunday off because Saturday we are going to a wedding where we are staying in a hotel because it is a few hours from where we live. To make it even better he took Monday off because it is my birthday and to take the kids trick or treating. It is going to be great having him home all those days I have a feeling I am not going to want him to go back to work. But the bad part about all of this is that I am going to be home in the morning by myself getting the kids ready for school and then taking them. It is nice having J home in the morning because he usually gets the kids ready and takes them to school or gets them ready and I take them to school. Just so I can get a little more sleep. Anyways, I have a little more time before I need to make dinner. The kids are occupied, Red is sleeping and the two older ones are coloring, they just got done painting. So I don't know why but J and I started looking for a bigger house, not that we *need* a bigger house. We found a house in the same town that has one more bedroom and a basement in our price range. I just don't think I want to try selling this house yet or pack up and move. I really like our neighborhood (location close to school), neighbors and house. I don't think we are going to peruse the house we saw. Most of my day has been housework and extra cleaning I don't normally have the chance to get too. The only reason for that is that we are having company over, and I'm really not one to clean just for company but it was a great motivator today. I am really excited about Friday, GG is having a special day at school "Apple Day" and I am going to be helping!!!

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