Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well I must say that the "practicing" has worked really well. Yesterday GG was on her bike (without training wheels) and Monkey on his bike (with training wheels) and we took a walk around the block. It is funny to watch those two on their bikes because they look like they could be twins. Anyways, we went around the block and he didn't need any help and he was almost able to keep up with GG. She has started a new thing on her bike as well...she now can stand up and peddle. Sometimes I think that girl is too coordinated for her own good and coupled with the fact that she has no fear it is scary. She was cracking me up when she was doing her homework. They have to cross out the words that didn't start with O and circle the ones that did. She would circle and say, "You can play today" then when it wasn't an O word she crossed it out and said, "come again another day" it was really pretty cute. Not to mention she sticks her tongue out while doing her homework. This morning she was coming down from her bed and I picked her up and carried her down and I couldn't believe how big she has gotten. The time has really flown by me. I just can't believe in a few short months she will be 5 years old. Tonight the kids have Cubbies and they are so excited they really love going there and I really love that they go there and learn more about the Bible. And it is always fun for Red and I get some quiet at night time!!! Speaking of Red we have a new game. He will be laying down and I will startle him by saying Boo. And he just laughs. Then we do it again. He watches me very closely trying to figure out when his funny mommy will say it again. We can play this game for at least an hour and not get bored. He is such a fun little guy and SOOO happy. Well my smallest blessing just pooped so I need to go change him...later.

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