Monday, October 17, 2005

I slept so hard last night I couldn't believe it was morning when the alarm went off at 7:15am. I took the kids to school and I met one of the moms whose daughter sits next to GG. When she figured out I was GG's mom she said, "I am so grateful for GG. She has been such a blessing to Olivia." That was so sweet to hear. Now Olivia has had a hard time getting used to school and her mom works at the school. When she has a bad day GG cheers her up and basically has befriended her and helped her enjoy being at school. That's my little girl. Today was her "boyfriends" birthday and they went to McDonalds for lunch and invited us to go too. After the kids got done eating we let them play. All the boys played together and GG went off and made some new friends. We were already there with *her* friends! Then we came home and Monkey and Red took naps and GG did her homework and played. When the boys woke up we went outside. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Our neighbors had a ton of leaves in their yard so I asked if I could rack them in a pile for the kids to play in, of course they said YES! They played in those leaves for almost 2 hours with an occasional bike ride up and down the block. Leaves are so fun and they are free entertainment :) Then we came inside so I could make dinner and eat. After dinner it was bath time and then bedtime. When I got Red ready for bed there was a leaf in his diaper. Now that I think about it I am wondering how it got there. He had on a sleeper and the only leaves that got near him were ones that were falling from the tree. Hmmm...interesting! I must say I got some really cute pictures of the kids playing outside though.

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