Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It is 1pm and it is the quietest around here. GG is doing homework and the boys are sleeping. On the topic of school the other day I gave GG 3 green beans to eat for dinner. I didn't know that J had already given her 4, she looks at me and says, "If I eat those I will have eaten 7 green beans." I told her, "I only gave you 3." She says, "But daddy gave me 4 to begin with." So I asked J and sure enough he had given her 4, I just couldn't believe how fast she knew what 3 + 4 was! I had to laugh right now she is doing her homework and this is what you would hear if you were here! "So you can stay and play" or "Come again another day." The right ones can stay and the wrong answer come again :) And that is *the girl*. Now you would have to know J to understand this but he is a nut. He got an email with a "car commercial" in it. At the beginning it tells you while they filmed the commercial the saw a ghost by the car and that you can hear the camera guy talking about it if you turn the speakers way up. At the end of the commercial this lady jumps out and screams. J shows the kids as they are sitting on my lap, I know what is going to happen and so does J but they don't. It was hilarious...they both jumped and GG started shacking. J played the video back for them slowly and showed them that it was a lady dressed up in makeup. Then he shows them a screen that has black and white checkers and a ball in the middle that is also checkered. You are suppose to stare at the checkers for 20 seconds then you will see something special. Well it is a big fat nake butt farting. The kids laughed and laughed at that one. Monkey aka *the boy* loves those types of things and has asked to see more, he really does have his dad's sense of humor!!! Red has learned that he has hair :) He has always loved feeling my hair and GG's but the last couple of days he has figured out that he has hair on top of his head. It is funny to see him open and close his hand so he can feel his hair. He is such a gently baby. He is also getting very close to rolling...my world is about to change. And that is it for *the baby* . I have a sad note to add: I don't think the kids are going to get to be m&m's because J hasn't been able to get the customs done. I am hoping that maybe in the next couple of days he might be able to do them. Tonight I think we might go get some pumpkins to carve, that is if J isn't too tired. If not today then tomorrow for sure.

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