Monday, October 31, 2005

First off, Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to me! This weekend was absolutely wonderful and today has been fantastic so far. I will start with today because it is my birthday and I want too! This morning the kids got up and told me "Happy Birthday" with hugs and kisses. J got them dressed and took them to school so I could sleep. Then he brought me breakfast in bed, so thoughtful. I also opened all my birthday cards I have gotten in the mail. I got up and J, Red and I went grocery shopping. We picked the kids up from school and went to Olive Garden for my birthday lunch, yummy. I have been so blessed today, when we got home GG and Monkey brought me the card they had made last night. It was so cute. On the front it said Happy Birthday Mommy! From: Your Snuggle Puppies. I opened it up and on the inside was a picture of J and all 3 kids in their pj's. It was super sweet. In about an hour we are going to get the kids dressed up and start trick or treating! Now to back track...Friday J bought me my birthday present and made me open it right away. It was a new CD of Casting Crowns, a new wallet (since the other one got destroyed) and a 2 pound bag of Twizzlers. That night we carved pumpkins...Monkey didn't like the goop. That was a good time. Saturday morning we got up early and picked up our babysitter, took GG and Monkey to g&g A's house, then we headed to our wedding. About the reception: It was the oddest experience for me in a long time. I saw a girl who lived on my floor freshmen year of college there. Also a girl I went to school with at my dad's when I was in 6th and 7th grade. Another thing that happened is one of J's co-workers got hammered he came up to us and put his arm around J and me then proceeded to tell J how *hot* I was, especially since I have already had 3 kids, he told us how we are going to have the last laugh because we had kids young and we did it the right way. (He was about 34 when his twins were born.) He told us to stick together and we would be alright and that we would have ups and downs. Then he told us we need to keep *banging* (J laughed so hard when he used that word, I think more out of shock that he said bang!) and that J should try and get me pregnant that night. It was very funny. He was so wasted. I was afraid to let go of him for the fear he might fall down. But he kept telling us the same stuff mentioned above over and over for about 20 minutes. This guy is normally a really great guy and he never drinks alcohol or caffeine unless at a wedding. Anyways, it was nice to be at the reception kid free so that J and I could dance. Red only needed me 2 times during the reception so I missed about 40 minutes total, not bad. I love going to weddings it just reminds me how much I love my husband and I am so glad to be married to him. He's my ONE & ONLY.

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