Saturday, October 15, 2005

Well today has been kind of a long day since I didn't get much sleep last night. GG woke up last night crying and when I went to check on her she was obviously sleeping, "I can't make the letter w. I can't make the letter w. Why can't I make it?" I told her it was ok because I have seen her make the letter w and I knew she was having a bad dream. And she laid back down. Then about 10 minutes later she was up again whimpering. So I went in to see if maybe she needed to go potty and she said no. So again I went back to bed long enough to put the covers on when I hear her "mommy I need to go potty." I got up yet again to help her and I was so tired at this point I grabbed her pillow and blanket and put it in my bed. When she was done going to the bathroom I told her to get in my bed and I am so glad I did. It was 2am when all was said and done. Then at 4:15 she jumped up and started screaming. I was right next to her to reassure her she was ok and she went back to sleep. Then Monkey came into to my room a little while after that, I told him to go back to bed because daddy was sleeping in the bed with him. But NO he wanted me!!! He ignored me and ended up sleeping on my bedroom floor. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this morning J and Monkey left at 5:30am to go fishing. So it was 5 something in the morning and J was looking for a missing little Monkey. We found him on my bedroom floor freezing because he didn't have a blanket. What kids will do to be close to their mothers! GG, Red and I got up early this morning too because GG had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. This was the first time she had ever been there and did she have fun. They gave her a cup of tokens and she got to dance with the Chuck E Cheese mouse. Then after all that she got to pick out a prize with the tickets she had won. It was a great time for her but now she wants her party there! J told her that maybe we would go there as a family. We got home to J and Monkey sleeping, they were tired from the extremely early morning. J's work called to see if he could come in early and he did. So I packed up the kids and headed to my dad's house for the afternoon. I took the two older kids to the park while Red was sleeping in my dad's arms. I can't wait til Red can join in on the fun with the his big brother and sister. We are just about to eat dinner so I thought I would update while the two older kids were occupied and the baby Tanner is sleeping. Ok I just realized that all I wrote about Red was he slept. But he did pass some gas today when he was laughing and giggling historically. That word doesn't look right but I'm to lazy to check the right spelling! Sorry.

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