Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A great day!

This morning for Bible study it was our small group time which meant that we each brought food and we ate and talked and got to know each other better. I really like the Bible study but getting to hang out and talk with other mommies about parenting is fun too, especially when we are all trying to raise our children in a godly way and home. I got home from that while J was still picking up the kids from school so I had their food ready for them when they got home so that they could have a little more fun time with daddy before he went to work. I can tell they both really enjoyed that extra time today. Then Monkey and Red took their naps while GG did her reading. She also played on the computer after her quite time and we printed out some crafts. When Monkey woke up we went outside because it was beautiful. We took two walks around the block me walking and the two older riding their bikes. Then we came inside and they did their worksheet homework. Then it was 30 minutes of tv so I could make a phone call and then dancing to music right before dinner. Oh yeah we have finally implemented having the big meal for lunch and the small one for dinner and it really has made the evenings without J so much better for us all. After dinner all three kids got baths and clipped their nails then foot massages while they tell me about there day. (we've been doing the massages before bed for awhile now, read somewhere that it helps kids sleep better at night!) They always love bedtime because of the massages and getting to tell me all about their day, then we pray and I tuck them in and give them a hug and kiss and they are soon asleep after that. There bedtime is 7 and usually they are out by 7:05! The funny thing is J can tell if they didn't go to bed on time by the way they act in the morning. Well I need to go make a grocery and wal-mart list.

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