Sunday, March 05, 2006

Things I want to remember in 10 years +

The way GG comes in my room on Saturday mornings (the only morning she wakes up before me) and taps, or as she says "knocks" on my head with her pointer finger to ask if she can watch tv. Even though she knows the answer is probably going to be for her to go play in her room. The way she plays with my hair when I have just straighten it or when she is practicing putting my hair in a pony tail. How she always wants to put on my lip gloss and perfume so she can be just like me and when I say yes her big beautiful smile and sparkling eyes so happy. How inquisitive she is about she asked what "road kill" was! I don't even want to know where she heard the term "road kill". And how cool she thinks she is when she reads to Red like she is his teacher :) How much she loves her brothers and keeps insisting that I have another baby. Also her gentle kisses and hugs.

I want to remember how Monkey comes in our room in the middle of the night, crawls into the bed down by my feet, and then proceeds to kick me the rest of the night! Then the next morning he tells us that he was scared but yet he never woke us up to tell us. The way he hold my neck when we snuggle and says "I love you so much" in his goofy deep voice. His laugh when he really thinks something is funny and the way he plays in his room so extremely loud that the next door neighbors can probably hear him. The way he runs when he gets excited about stuff, he swings his arms behind him so that he looks like a little old man. His imagination and the things that come out of his mouth, it isn't really the things he says but how he says them that is so funny. Wish I could describe it. The way he sings the song "It's Bubbling in my Soul" he rolls his hands so fast that they hit his stomach and make his voice vibrate.

The way Red puts his two little hands on my face and pulls it in so that he can eat me, or as I like to think of it as smoother me with baby kisses, his mouth wide open! The way he clicks his tongue on the top of his mouth, he folds it so that you can see all the veins on the underside of his tongue. His little snicker when he knows he shouldn't bite me but he does it anyway, I really think he just likes to get a reaction out of me because if I do nothing he STOPS! The way he lights up when he sees his brother and sister when they come home from school. The way he can be so content playing with daddy until I come in the room and then he starts to cry like I didn't just hear him laughing with his daddy. It is nice to feel loved by him, though. The way he will only sleep on J's chest for hours at a time, he really does love his daddy.

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