Friday, March 03, 2006

Too Quite

The house feels empty...Red is sleeping, J is subbing today, and the two older kids are at school. I showered and started a load of laundry so I thought I would update real quick before I start getting ready for my show tonight. I am also going to prepare the craft for today...we are making self portraits with paper plates and tons of other craft stuff! Should be fun :)

About 2 weeks ago a cop got in a car accident and is seriously hurt. The department has been sending an on duty officer to sit with the family well J's last day of work they sent him. He came home telling me that he wanted to make them a meal (really he wanted me to make them a meal) because all they have been eating the last 2 weeks is fast food. I'm totally cool with making food I love doing that. So we decided that we are going bring Lasagna and garlic bread (I'm making) a salad (J's making) and cookies (the kids are going to help make). I was talking to the kids about daddy's friend in the hospital and how we are going to bring them some food and that I wanted their help in making the cookies. GG got so excited, "I love doing nice stuff for people, mom." Then she just melted my heart with this conversation:
GG: Can I also make them a card?
Me: Of course
GG: Can I take money from my piggy bank and give it to them?
Me: Yes if that is what you want to do.
GG: Yes I want to help them out by giving them some of my money too.
Me: Ok we'll have to ask daddy how he wants us to give it to them.
GG: I want to put it in the card.
Me: We have to ask daddy because I think they have a special way to give them the money.
GG: Ok
The sweet thing is she only has about five dollars in her bank but she is willing to give it to strangers in need. She has such a wonderful giving heart. Don't get me wrong she likes to get stuff but she loves giving things to people and doing nice things for them.

Side note: Yesterday we painted our paperweights; GG-purple Monkey-green and Red-blue. And J bought Lady and the Tramp so that they have something special to do tonight while I am gone.

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