Thursday, March 09, 2006

The ramblings of my GlamorGirl!

Yesterday we were in the living room reading books and she says, "Your the bestest mommy I've ever had." DON'T know where that one came from but it was still nice to hear :) Then tonight at dinner she asked me what my favorite part of her and Monkey's body. I always say their belly buttons because that is where they used to be attached to me, plus they have extremely cute ones! Then she said, "Ask me what my favorite body part is and why." I said, "What and why?" This is what she said and I thought it was very clever, "My hands because they help me to eat my food and pick up things and do all sorts of things. Then is my feet because they help me to go places that I want to go like this..." She gets up and walks into the other room. "And those are my two most favorite body parts and why." It was actually pretty funny and smart.

This afternoon we made life size pictures of the kids. I had gone to the newspaper and bought the roll ends for $2 great deal and you get quite a bit, too. They both laughed historically while I traced their bodies. They glued on wiggly eyes (GG's are in the right spot but Monkey's aren't really) and then they cut yarn to make their hair, GG had her hair in pig tails today so that is what she did with the yarn. She used pom pons for the pig tail holders. They colored on some clothes and GG used glitter glue to paint her finger and toe nails. Then I hung Monkey's on his door and GG's next to her room. And as usual Monkey was done in half the time it took GG! You can tell, too:) I will try and remember to take pictures of them with their art and post it but we'll see what tomorrow brings...right now they are at church. Until next time...

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