Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lovin' the WEATHER :)

It has been absolutely beautiful out the last two days and I am so excited even if it is suppose to snow on Tuesday. Two beautiful days beats not having them! Today was fun this morning we went grocery shopping as a family. Then after lunch J took GG on a date roller skating. She had a blast and was really good at it only fell 2 times. Very coordinated that one. I took the boys on a date too. It was really suppose to be a Mommy/Monkey date but we didn't want to wait for J and GG to get back. So we went to the library and played new computer games and then we went for ice cream and hot cocoa. I know weird mix but that is what the boy wanted! When we got home everyone was outside and I had told Monkey that he could put on his skates use them outside, that worked out good. We played outside for about an hour or so then came in to have dinner. Then we went out as a family to get some presents needed for tomorrow. That's all I have to update right now.

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