Monday, March 27, 2006

I've been swept away into the world of myspace!!!

I can't help it, it is so fun and addicting. I have talked to so many people I haven't talked to in years. It is a network of friends. I love it. But it is eating all of my computer time. I need to pace myself!

On the Home front: J is training today and tomorrow which means...he is going to be home for dinner every night this entire week!!! I am so excited. Oh yeah, he has Wed, Thurs, and Friday off :) Last night Monkey came into our room about 2am (at least that is what time I think it was, I could hardly open my eyes!) he was cold in his room. I told him to crawl into our bed. I didn't want to get out of my warm bed and him getting into ours is the easiest thing to do. But he didn't want too. I thought "what?" this is the boy who pretended to be scared everynight just to sleep with us. Now he doesn't want to be in our bed!?! Kind of broke my heart. So I crawled out of bed to fix his blankets in his room. They were everywhere but where they needed to be to keep Monkey warm. He is growing up and becoming so independent, in every area. I have some mixed emotions about it but mostly I am happy that he is growing to be such a great little man. Even though myspace is fun, I will continue to do this blog because I want to remember EVERYTHING the kids do and say and just the little things of their childhoods. Well that is all I have to report for now!

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