Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm lovin' my life!

Today and yesterday were so much fun. After church we went to J's parents for lunch, it was Sue's birthday so we had a *huge* meal and it was so yummy, it always is! We walked in the door and the kids demanded that she open the present we had gotten her. It was a cookbook of all Italian foods, she wanted one. Then we hung out there until after 7pm. When we got home I got out the kids clothes and made them each a lunch, J subbed today and the kids stayed all day. So I could take Liz and her friend Ellen Prom/banquet dress shopping. Those girls had my laughing so hard and Red really warmed up to Ellen. Even though everytime he talked she told him to shush. I think that is why he thought she was so funny :) We had a lot of fun trying on dresses I even tried a couple. I took mostly pictures of the two of them in the dresses. Let me just say that most of the prom dresses we saw were pretty ugly. They ended up trying on most of them as jokes. And boy did they look funny! We did find at least one that each girl liked so it was a successful day. I like hanging out with teenagers they are so funny!!! I really wish J was coaching the girls soccer team again this year we had a lot of fun getting to know the girls last year. But we are planning on going to the games...

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