Thursday, June 03, 2004

Here is another day. I took both kids to work because J had training this morning. It was cool because he was home by 3pm! After I got off work the kids and I grabbed a quick bit to eat and went to met Amber to look at some houses. There were 3 newer houses on the market. I like the first one the best but J hasn't seen it yet so he is going to look at it tomorrow. After dinner we took the kids to the park to play and when we got home we let them ride their bikes. Then it was in the bath and getting ready for bed. I read the kids tons of books and then J got them to help him clean some things. Now they are in bed and only one of them is sleeping...Monkey. I am really tired. I think it has to do with working because before when I didn't have a job I wasn't as tired all the time?!?! I need an afternoon job so I can sleep as long as my kids do in the morning:) Well that is all for now.

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