Saturday, June 19, 2004

So blogger wasn't working yesterday so I wasn't able to update. GlamorGirl gave me the biggest scare of my life yesterday. It was dinner time and I was feeding Monkey and eating. GG had already eaten and went downstairs to get something and I told her to come back up once she got it. About 15 minutes passed and she wasn't back upstairs. So I went down to see what she was doing. I didn't see her so I yelled her name. She didn't answer so I ran upstairs and looked in every room up there. She wasn't there either. So I went back down yelling her name as loud as I could. I checked our bedroom, laundry room, bathroom and all of her usual hiding places. She didn't answer me so I started to panic and thought she had gone outside. So I ran out screaming her name and asking the neighbors if she had seen her. I started off to the park thinking she had decided to walk there herself. (I did this once when I was a little younger than her) I got half way across the field when my dad yelled that they had found her. I asked where she was...she was hiding under the table behind a box in the basement. Grandma had gone down there yelling her name too and finally GG said, "I'm hiding" She scared me to death. When I got home I told her how scared I was when I thought that she was gone and I would never see her again. By the end of our talk we were both crying and she promised she would never hide from me again without telling me first. The rest of the day anytime I said her name she would come running, "I'm right here mommy" she has even done it a few times today as well. Aside from that we played at the park and went to a garage sale. The kids got walkie talkies and 2 puzzles for free. We knew the family doing the sale so they just gave the stuff to the kids. The day before J was off and we took the kids to the YMCA to go swimming, I forgot to mention that when I posted. So on to today. I had the day off along with the next 3 so I decided that with 4 days off I should work on potty training Monkey. He was so excited about it. He showed everyone his new underwear. He did really well. We started at 9:30 and he went potty at 11 both poop and pee. Then I went upstairs to take a shower and about 10 minutes after I got out Monkey had his first accident at about 11:45 which was funny because he went into the bathroom and got toilet paper to clean up his mess, before he told me he had an accident. Then we practiced which he thought was absolutely fun. Then we went upstairs for lunch and he had another accident and wanted to put his diaper back on. I talked with J and he said to let him wear diapers. So I did and my dad ended up taking the kids and I to see Sherk 2 again. He hadn't seen it and didn't want to go without kids so we all went and then to get some ice cream. When we got back I decided that we would try again with the training and I talked to my friend and she told me to try letting him go naked. So he ran around naked the rest of the day and he had no accidents and went potty once. I gave them baths and put a diaper aka bedtime big boy underwear! So tomorrow we are going to do the naked thing again. My friend said do it 3 days and then put on underwear so I will probably be updating with Monkey's progress. He likes being a big boy too. Wow I think this is the longest post I haven't in a while. ;)

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