Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ok we have had a jam packed few days. My friend Kris came to town on Sunday and left yesterday after we went out to eat at this great Mexican restaurant. While she was here we managed to go shopping, get our hair cut, I took her over to our new house, and we did a lot of catching up and talking! The kids loved playing with her...she is a big kid :) About my hair I love it. She taught me how to style it the way I like it, which is the way she did it. Tonight I tried it and J says it looks the same as when she did it. I am super excited about that. A few stories while Kris was here...the first night GG asked Kris where she was going to sleep.
Kris: On the couch.
GG: You should sleep in the bed with us.
Kris: The bed is for family like mommy, daddy, You and your brother.
GG: You are family too. So you can sleep in there. There is enough room for you.
Second one...we were talking about Jesus.
GG: Jesus is in your heart.
Kris: yes
GG: so you will go to heaven to live with him.
Well that is all I have time for I have a Monkey wanting to nurse to sleep. He was cute because he would say, "hi kiss" all the time!!!

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