Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I have some frustrating news. We walked into a house yesterday and loved it once again! So we put a bid on the house. There was two other bids besides ours that came the same day. Now this house was put on the market yesterday. The listing agent took it off the market meaning no more people got to see it as of yesterday. Anyway they presented all 3 offers to the seller today and if you guessed we lost it you would be right. Our offer was the highest but the offer they took was a cash deal and there is no way we could of beat that. It is so frustrating. We are hopefully going to look at some more houses tomorrow. So today I took Monkey to work because he got up so early and wasn't going back to sleep. I wish I wouldn't of done that because he was cranky at work. We came home and just hung out waiting to hear from our realtor about the house. I guess that wasn't the house God wanted us in either. So we are praying and waiting for the perfect house He has for us that is somewhere out there. Oh have I mentioned the awesome double stroller I got?!?! Sue got it from someone at work and gave it to me. I love it and so do the kids! Sorry this post isn't more entertaining I just don't feel like writing any funny stories tonight.

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