Saturday, June 05, 2004

My poor Monkey...last night he was up so much because he was in pain from teething and he couldn't breath while nursing. Plus, he has a low grade fever and a runny nose. I see the tooth coming in I just wish it would just come in so he can feel better. Today I worked and then we went to go look at some houses. We drove around and went to some open houses for buy owners. We put a bid in with the first house so we'll see what happens. I'm not getting my hopes up because we haven't gotten any houses so far. I think I will be in shock when we finally do get one. The house was nice it had hardwood floors and a fireplace. Everything was updated and new. Time will tell. Not much other than that. We didn't go to J's parents house tonight because he is off tomorrow and we don't want to have to deal with two vehicles. We plan on looking in Mt Prospect for buy owners and it will be easier to just have one car! I get to sleep in tomorrow so that will be nice except for the fact that I am still awake! Oh yeah we are taking the kids to the zoo on Tuesday. My friend is giving me free passes to Brookfield but I don't know if J will want to go there. But we have a choice now of Brookfield or Lincoln Park. And we are going to take our new double stroller!!! I love that thing and we have only had it for a week :)

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