Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Another day of potty training. This morning I thought we were going to have a bad day. Monkey had two small accidents, stopped himself and put the rest in the potty. We had to leave the house today and I thought for sure it was going to be a nightmare. We left the house at 12:15 to pick GG up from VBS then straight to my dentist appointment. I had a cavity that needed to be taken care of. J also made an appointment with his doctor about his allergies. So in between the two appointments we took the kids to the park to play. Monkey went potty at the dentist and again at the doctor. We got home at 4 so we were gone a long time and we even had to drive about 30 minutes. No accidents!! After dinner GG, grandma and I went grocery shopping. Monkey and J played outside. Then I thought I had a LLL meeting but it was last week. Oh well. I got gas instead. J had given the kids a bath and was reading them books when I got home. They are both sleeping now so I think I am going to head that way too. J is playing video games on the PS2. Oh here's a story for ya...I got back from taking GG to her Bible school and Chad was here working on the house again. We were talking and I told him that GG was at Bible school. He made a weird face and asked why I would make her go there. I told him she loved going and hated to leave when it was over. He was completely confused. He grew up catholic and hated going to church and he couldn't understand why she would have so much fun learning about the Bible. Well they sing songs and do a skit then they break up into grades. They have crafts, games and snacks. Then they get back together have another skit and sing more songs. The songs they sing also have movements which she was showing me today. They get points for doing different things and get prizes when they reach a certain pointage. The kids all have fun there especially GG. She actually goes to bed when we tell her too because she doesn't want to miss it the next day! Good night everyone :)

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