Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh the joys of being *the MOM*

So last night I went back to my bedroom to get Red ready for bed. It was an hour from the time I tucked the other two into their beds. J and I use different blankets at night so they don't cover Red so there was a pile of blankets in the middle of the bed. I laid Red down and went to move the blankets and I felt something warm and hard. I no idea what it was so I stuck my hand back in the covers to see if I could find out what it was. Just then I see a little Monkey head sticking out! The stinker crawled into my bed after I had tucked him into his bed. I am so glad it was Monkey because when I felt how warm it was I started to worry, thinking what in the world is in my bed. Anyways, I moved him to his room and called J to tell him what happened. He got a good laugh at my freaking out. Then for some reason unknown to me at the time Red started to scream at about 10:15pm. At about 11pm J came home and he stopped for about 20 minutes and then started again. So I tried nursing him and that didn't help but for maybe 10 minutes. I tried burping him, he burped and then started again. Then I thought maybe I should change his diaper even though I had just changed it like an hour before. When I changed him I noticed that the onsie he had on was irritating his leg. So I took it off and changed his pjs. He liked that then when I went to lay him down he started crying again but at least it was a scream this time. I repeated the above and nothing changed. So I started to walk around with him and it soothed him until he fell asleep. I then got back into the bed to lay him down and as soon as I did he was awake again. AAAGGGHHH So back up I went to walk some more and he fell asleep faster this time so I got back into bed and propped up some pillows so that I could sit and hold him while he slept. By now it is about 1:30am. I held him for about 2 hours like that not really getting any sleep for myself and then I laid him down and he woke wanting to nurse. So I fed him and we slept until 6:30am and then I started my day getting the kids ready for school and me and Red ready for the Bible study I have on Wednesday mornings, which I almost skipped but I'll glad I didn't. After lunch I told the kids it was family nap time because GG and Monkey got woke up a few times last night by the littlest member of our family. Monkey and J slept in Monkey's room and GG didn't want to sleep so I put on a movie for her and gave her strict orders not to wake me up unless it was an emergency that she was to go ask daddy. Well you guessed it...about 30 minutes into my nap. GG: Mom I'm hungry. Can I have some fruit snacks.
Me: Shh don't wake up Red. Yes
then about another 30 minutes go by and she screams from the potty. Mom there's no toilet paper can you get me some. I jump out of bed as not to wake the baby and got her some toilet paper. At this point I really haven't gotten any sleep just a headache from being woke up as I get to sleep, you know that panic type of feeling you get when get startled awake? So I tried again to tell her to not come wake me up and if she needs something to go ask daddy. He had been sleeping for about an hour and a half by now. If you think she left me alone you would be WRONG. About 40 minutes later she comes in asking to play a game on J's palm pilot. Oh yeah and between all of that the phone rang. I really do love being a mom but on days like this I just wish I had a secret cave to go to so that I could Sleep!!!

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