Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sickness ruined our plans for today

This morning GG, Red and I all woke up sick this morning. I am so mad about this sickness. I wanted us to be healthy for Christmas this year. But I do have hope because Monkey woke up feeling a little better today so maybe the rest of us will be on the mend soon too. I just hope and pray J doesn't get it. We had planned to go to Jumps and Jiggles this morning with the kids :( I guess we'll have to go next week. J and I were just talking and we decided that the tv quota for the day as been way over the norm. We watched 4 movies as us sickies laid on the couch or slept. GG went to bed before 6pm after she wasn't hungry enough to eat dinner and just didn't feel good. She had a 102 temp poor little girl. I hate when the kids are sick and I hate it even more when I am sick too. J was MR. Mom today taking care of us all, and I love him so much for it some men wouldn't do that. Well I would write more but I think I am going to head back to bed.

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