Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Here are the events of the day. We got up this morning and as I was making myself breakfast I hear GG saying Mommy I have to go potty. I went to the bathroom where she was standing with her pants pulled down in the position to be put on the potty. The only problem was I didn't get there in time. She couldn't get on the potty and she couldn't hold it until I got there. I felt bad for her because this accident was the first major accident that she has had for about 8 months. Plus, she wouldn't have had the accident if she could of gotten herself on the potty like she does at home. So I am going to move the step stool that is in the kitchen to the bathroom after I am done typing. Well after all of that we took a shower. I know that GG was upset with herself even though there was nothing she could of done. Oh well life goes on right! After we got dressed we drove to my mom's. J was taking the psychological test in downtown so the kids and I spent the day with my mom. I figured it will be the last time I can go to my mom's house cause she is moving to another state. We got to there around 11:45am. We got some food and went to the big park for a picnic. Then I took the kids on the marry-go-round. They loved it. Then we played at the park for a while. I did however see a girl I graduated with at the park she has a little boy that is a year older than GG. Anyway then we spent time with my mom. Well actually Grandpa took GG on errands with him and Uncle Kadin. She had so much fun she talked about it all the way home! Well when she was awake. While I had a brake from GG my friend Marrisa came over to introduce me to her twin boys. They are so cute. Then we had a pizza party for a going away party/birthday party. We left my mom's around 6:45pm and got back to J's parents around 8:30pm. Now we are here and we are getting things ready for the zoo tomorrow and going to bed!

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