Thursday, June 05, 2003

It is early today that I am updating but so much has happened already. We got up and went to the zoo. We had so much fun. We took some pictures and finished a roll of film so I should have them about a week from Monday. The kids absolutely loved the zoo. Monkey really liked the monkeys. I think it was because they were the most active animals. He liked the fish too. GG on the other hand liked the big animals. She liked the monkeys too. But I think her favorite was the elephant. I was so happy to see that both the kids had a great time. Monkey ended up falling asleep as we were walking out of the zoo. I could tell he was tired and was fighting it because he didn't want to miss any of the cool animals! Then we went to school to say goodbye to Grandma A. We also had good news to tell her about J's job. He is getting blood work and a chest x-ray tomorrow for his first choice. So yes they still want him after the psych test! Then next week he has to come back for a stress test. If he passes that he goes to the academy July 6. That is in a month. Everything happened so fast. But it doesn't mean that he is hired yet it is just looking really really good. Only time will tell if he gets his first choice job! Now we are hanging out with Becky who graduates tomorrow. Then the Grandparents come home later tonight. If anything exciting happens later today I will hopefully remember to write about it tomorrow!

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