Sunday, June 08, 2003

We are home at last! It was a great week vacation but it is always nice to come home to your own place with all of your stuff (bed). Last night Grandpa took us to see Finding Nemo. GG absolutely loved it. She clapped and cheered when the daddy found Nemo. After the movie was over we asked her what it was about and she really understood the movie. She said that Nemo was taken away from his daddy. The daddy was sad and was trying to find him. Then they were both happy when the daddy found Nemo. Apparently my dad needed some ice cream so he then took us for ice cream. Now on to today...we got up and did some things for Becky's graduation party. It was nice to see family. Then we started the long drive home at 2:30pm (the kids nap time!). We got back here at around 7pm and made dinner. After dinner we went grocery shopping because we had no food in the house at all. So it was a very fun and long day. Oh yeah we unpacked all the clothes too. We had brought all of our laundry home. I am tired and all I want to do is jump in my own bed with my pillow and blankets and go to sleep. However, both the kids are wired :)

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